Cook Software Solutions customizes your Microsoft Access database application to suit your specific needs. Because of our expertise and experience, we also suggest features that make it much easier to use your application. Access is the perfect database for small and growing businesses. It’s open source, highly customizable, and easily upsized to enterprise databases.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done for our clients:

Security Transaction Tracking

Created Access application for venture capital firm to track security transactions. Application:

Uses automation to interact with QuickBooks, Excel, Word, and Outlook programmatically.

Generates customized, formatted Word documents from data in the database.

Creates and sends customized HTML emails to contacts in the database based on contact type, eligibility to receive information, and status.

Retrieves stock quotes and currency prices via the Internet and stores them for historical purposes.

Uploads data to Google Sheets to publish on the web.

Tracks thousands of transactions including buys, sells, distributions, and stock splits.

Programmatically creates PDF tax documents from data in the database.

Promotion Tracking

Created Access promotional spending application used by a Fortune 500 company to track its 70 million dollar promotional spending nationwide.

SQL Server Upsizing

Upsized existing Access databases to SQL Server and optimized for superior performance.

Case Management

Created Access database for a law firm that tracked case data, tasks, and contacts and court data and contacts. Generated numerous legal agreements such as approach letters, client agreements, and motions. Imported case data from Excel and text files.

Production & Inventory Management

Created Access application to manage orders, work orders, receiving, production scheduling, shipping, and sales reporting for a pipe coating company. Converted database back end to SQL Server to improve performance and allow for scalability.


Created Access application used to schedule executive training programs for an executive training firm. The application features a scheduler that allows the user to schedule instructors based on their availability and ability to teach the program, a monthly calendar that displays program scheduling information, and a materials generator that builds a list of materials required for a given program.


Created Access application for local farmer that tracks crops, inventory, customers, orders, and shipments.