New Microsoft Access for Dummies Book Released!

Microsoft Access is alive and well. It’s still here and will be for years to come according to Microsoft. Now, Access is not right for everyone. It doesn’t run in the Cloud or on mobile devices for starters. If that’s important for your business, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. Access remains a desktop computer database. However, I’ve worked with lots of small businesses over the years from landscaping companies and non-profits to farmers and small manufactures. To these organizations, Access is an essential tool. If fact, Access is used by millions of businesses and organizations throughout the world.

My new book co-authored with Laurie Ulrich is out – Microsoft Access for Dummies. If you run a small business or non-profit and want to organize your data, Access is the perfect tool for you. It’s affordable, 100% customizable, and is easily upsized so you don’t have to start over should your business outgrow Access. If you think Access is right for you, check out Microsoft Access for Dummies. It covers Access versions from 2013 on up including the recently released Access 2021 and has lots of useful information to help you get started.

Is it Time for a Database?

database planAs a database developer for small businesses in the service industries, I’ve found that Microsoft Access is still their database tool of choice.  It’s the logical first step for small business databases. If you’re storing your business data in spreadsheets, here are some questions to consider:

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Want to securely access your data on the web?

Move to the Cloud words written on message board telling you to shift files, software and operating system to internet or online based servers and services

If you already have a Microsoft Access database for your small business or even have your business data in a spreadsheet, Access makes it easy to take data from your desktop database or spreadsheet and put it out on the web. All it takes is a $12.50 per month subscription to Office 365 for business. With that you get the latest desktop versions of all the Microsoft applications plus Office apps that run on any device including mobile devices. In addition, you get SharePoint 365, Microsoft’s web tool to secure, store, share, and view information on the web.

With this subscription, you’ll have everything you’ll need to build an Access web app that runs in a browser. The app is built Read More