How a Database Saves Time and Money

Save time and money

Today I want to share a case study from an actual client of mine.

Side Note: Because I sign non-disclosure agreements with my clients and I respect their privacy and trade secrets, I can’t name names or get into details.

A recent client (I’ll call him Jim) told me about his manual process for finding new customers. He received a list of potential customers from an outside source and manually went through the list to find possible customers. He then emailed those potential customers to see if they were interested in his services. Jim was spending hours and hours weeding through the lists to find the people he could help. He knew automating his process would save him lots of time.

Jim already owned Microsoft Access and thought that a database could be the tool to cut down on the grunt work. He had read my book, Microsoft Access 2013 for Dummies, and attempted to build a database himself.  Read More

6 Ways to Improve Your Sales

Improve your sales

Here are 6 ways to improve your sales with a database:

  • Track customer data. The more you know about your customer, the better you can meet his or her needs.  Meet customer needs to improve your sales. You can easily stay in touch with your customers with email.
  • Track employee data. Which employees get results and which do not? Are your employees compliant with local, state, and federal requirements for your industry? A database can help you sort this out.
  • Track what sells. Determine how much inventory to carry or materials to purchase.

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