Check out my course, Intermediate Microsoft Access!

Check out my 6 week self-paced Intermediate to Microsoft Access course on using the link below. It’s affordable and in it, you’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Build a new database from scratch
  • Import table data from external sources like Microsoft Excel
  • Set table relationships to maintain data integrity
  • Design and run queries, use query joins, and common query functions like sum and average
  • Use action queries to update table data quickly and efficiently
  • Create forms and make forms easier to use
  • Build forms with subforms so you can display and edit data from multiple tables on one form
  • Design reports and use report features like Conditional Formatting to highlight important data on your reports
  • Develop a report dialog box to dynamically run database reports based on user selected criteria
  • Use Visual Basic to run reports from the report dialog box
  • Prepare a database for use by others

When the course is complete, you’ll have a fully functional Microsoft Access database. You’ll also be able to ask questions directly to me via the course’s Discussion Area posting while you’re taking the course. What a deal!

If you own or work for a small to midsize company or non-profit and need to organize your data, Microsoft Access is an affordable option for you over more expensive Cloud based software. It’s fully customizable so rather that settling for an existing software package that doesn’t have all the features you want, you can build your own database from scratch that exactly suits your needs.

To enroll, click this link:

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